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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your deposit policy?

Appointments are not confirmed nor booked until a deposit is received- either in person with cash or electronically through Paypal or Zelle.

A sure fire way to claim the day you request is by sending a deposit as soon as possible.

Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions. By placing a deposit you are monetarily committing to the completion of a tattoo! The deposit is honored for one year after the last completed session of a multiple session piece. It also covers the time it takes for me to design the tattoo outside of my working shop hours and holds a place in my booking calendar. The deposit amount gets deducted from the final price/final session of a project.

The deposit secures your appointment day/time and will be forfeit if any of the following occurs:

- No call/no show the day of the appointment

- Rescheduling more than twice

- Rescheduling without a 48 hour notice

- Wanting to completely change your idea the day of the appointment

In regards to Covid-19 or inclement weather where a 48 hour notice cannot be given, it will be required to place another deposit in order to reschedule.

A positive Covid-19 test must be provided if rescheduling for that reason.

Life can be unexpected, so please do not hesitate to reach out if something comes up before your appointment by responding to your appointment confirmation email (best method) or by calling the shop at 720-387-6075 during our shop hours Tuesday - Saturday!

What forms of payment are accepted? Do you accept tips?

I accept Paypal or cash for deposits and the remaining balance is due in cash, Paypal ("friends and family"), or Zelle on the day of your tattoo. Please note, if paying the deposit/remaining balance with Paypal, they will charge you a fee if paying by credit card regardless of "friends and family" or "goods and services" status. Tips are never expected, but always appreciated!

How much will my tattoo cost?

A lot of factors go into determining the cost of a tattoo- size, placement, level of detail, and overall design. I can do  my best to give you an estimate on how many sessions/how long each session may take, but I cannot guarantee a fixed price for your project.


Do you do consultations?

If the tattoo inquiry submission form is completed fully and thoroughly, typically a consultation isn't necessary. However, if your new tattoo comes in proximity to an existing tattoo, then an in person consultation will be needed for me to get an accurate tracing of the area to be tattooed. My booking assistant, Andrea, can help in booking a consultation! All consultations take place at noon Tuesday through Friday.

Do you tattoo minors?

Unfortunately, I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

Where is the shop located and where can I park?

My shop, Skull and Dagger Tattoo, is located on the upper level of the Columbine Valley Shopping Center at the intersection of S Lowell Blvd and W Bowles Ave. The address is 5856 S Lowell Blvd Suite 27, Littleton, CO 80123.

The shop number is 720-387-6075 and our hours are Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 7pm.

There is free, all day parking available to our clients right in front of the shop!

Our shop is wheelchair accessible with one handicap parking space.

What should I do before my appointment?

*Weeks leading up to your appointment*- Please apply lotion liberally and on a regular basis to the area you are getting tattooed to ensure your skin is moisturized and not dry.

*The night before your appointment*- No heavy drinking and a good night's rest.

*The day of your appointment*- Please do not shave the tattoo area beforehand, however trimming longer hair would be greatly appreciated! Wear clothes appropriate to the are you are getting tattooed that you wouldn't mind getting ink on. Eat a good sized meal at least 2 hours before your appointment (blood sugar is vital). You may bring something to keep you occupied (music, book, tablet) to help pass the time for a longer session and keep your mind off of the pain. My tattoo lamp might be a bit bright, so sunglasses might come in handy! Feel free to bring a snack or drink to have during breaks if need be!

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes! You may bring a plus one with you! Even though the more the merrier, our shop has a lot of artists and limited space, so please only bring one guest.

Can/should I use numbing cream?

I will not be tattooing any skin prepared with numbing cream. Certain creams change the texture of the skin and some creams that are in circulation online also have ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. In fact, the FDA in early 2024 served cease and desists to a number of companies that sell tattoo products and "numbing solutions" because there was a lethal level of lidocaine and numbing agents in those creams.

Nevertheless, I always have Bactine (benzalkonium chloride and lidocaine topical spray) on hand that can be applied throughout the tattoo  process on broken skin to help take some sharpness away. I am always open to splitting a tattoo into multiple sessions in order for the process to be more tolerable pain wise!

How will I be made comfortable during my appointment?

Here are some accommodations that are provided during our session- pillows, nipple pasties, stress balls, candy/soda/water, privacy screen, an outlet for chargers/media, readily accessible bathrooms, patio for vaping/smoking, waiting area for guests, and a cart for your personal items.

I do my absolute best to provide the utmost comfort to my clients, but if there is something more that I could do please let me know!

What does tattoo aftercare entail?

For tattoos that involve only line work, I ask that my clients heal a tattoo traditionally with anti-bacterial soap, ointment, and lotion. I will provide an after care sheet detailing this process at the end of a session.

For tattoos with full saturation and shading I use a product called Recovery Derm Shield, which is similar to other products such as Saniderm, Tegaderm, or Second Skin. Via their product website, Recovery Derm Shield is a "latex-free, transparent matte film adhesive bandage... [that] eliminates scabbing and reduces the risk of scarring, while preventing exposure to bacteria, dirt, and abrasion." Essentially, it's a sticker you leave on your tattoo for optimal healing!

-How long do I keep the Derm Shield bandage on?

Three to five days is optimal! You can go longer, up to 7 days.

-There's fluid build up underneath the bandage, is that normal?

Yes, for the next 24 hours after your tattoo is done you will seep plasma which will collect underneath the shield. It will be a dark brown/black color, but it will in no way interfere with the healing of any color!

-My bandage is leaking, what do I do?

You can push any leaking plasma into a paper towel (with clean hands) and leave alone until you are ready to take it off. Most likely, the bandage will feel tight and slightly crusty which is common. If a bigger tear in the bandage occurs, you can "patch" the area with smaller pieces of Saniderm or Tegaderm, which can be purchased at any drug store. Please be sure to sanitize the area with isopropyl alcohol to ensure that bacteria is not getting trapped underneath the new pieces.

-How do I take off the Derm Shield bandage and what do I do after?

I recommend taking off the bandage in the shower with warm water. Be aware that the skin surrounding your tattoo will be sensitive since the bandage will be adhered to your skin, so refrain from using really hot water. Peel up a piece from the very bottom and pull directly down- similar to removing a Command poster tab. If there is crusty plasma still on your tattoo, you can gently massage it away with water. After your Derm Shield is removed, all you need to do is moisturize your tattoo twice a day with unscented lotion.

-What can't I do with the Derm Shield bandage?

You cannot submerge/soak your bandage in water or expose it to direct sunlight.

-What can I expect with the two weeks of healing time?

You may experience some peeling and intense itching which is standard during tattoo healing. Please do not pick or peel any scabs if there are any! For fully saturated color tattoos, there may still be some areas that are waxy or scaly looking. This just means the tattoo needs a little longer to fully heal.

I advise a tattoo to be healed at least two weeks before exposing to direct sun light (with sunscreen) and at least three before submerging/soaking in water.

What kind of equipment/supplies do you use?

I use single-use supplies only and sterilize my equipment between each tattoo. Every ink bottle is checked regularly for expiration. I use latex free, nitrile gloves.

Can I provide a design for you/when will I see the design?

Every tattoo I design is custom, meaning it's a unique design that hasn't been tattooed before. I do not copy fan art or designs made by other tattoo artists. I try my best to find accurate character references straight from shows or official art, so sometimes I may not use specific references you may give me. I also do not tattoo artist commissioned work. If a more in depth explanation is needed as to why, I'd be more than happy to clarify further!

You will see the tattoo design the day of and any minor adjustments can be made on the spot if necessary. Any major changes to the design would require the appointment to be rescheduled.  For out of state clients, I do provide a drawing or preliminary sketch before the appointment time since consultations are not usually an option for those traveling! I try my best to send sketches to clients before I do a final rendering of the sketch with lines/color if the design is more involved. But I cannot guarantee this for every project!

Do you do cover ups or reworks?

I am able to do cover ups if it is something I feel I can confidently cover up successfully. Cover up work can limit the possibilities of what a new tattoo can be and may require some laser removal, which I have personally gotten and highly suggest. I am always open and willing to discuss cover up projects  with clients that I have worked with before! I do not rework other tattoo artists' work.

Do you tattoo sleeves?

I reserve large scale projects, including back pieces and full arm/leg sleeves, for clients with whom I've previously collaborated with. This ensures a foundation of familiarity and trust- allowing for better communication and a smoother collaborative process.  For such a large project, it is vital for me to have an excellent understanding of my client's ideas and feelings which comes with knowing the expectations of how I design and tattoo!

Do you offer touch ups?

Yes! If a tattoo needs touching up, please do not hesitate to reach out, even if my books are closed! Touch up sessions are free for tattoos that have settled in the skin 3 - 6 months after the final session of a tattoo. This complimentary touch up session is for fixing any ink fallout or poorly healed areas.

If you are considering restoring an aging tattoo I have done with new lines or shading after those 6 months, this would be subject to a discounted hourly charge of $100/hr. I also charge hourly for touch ups in which numbing cream was used for the tattoo since I have found that it adversely affects the healing.

It is important to acknowledge that as a tattoo ages and settles in the skin, it will fade and may not retain the same crisp appearance as it did on the same day you got the tattoo- regardless of style, location, or subject matter.

Do you tattoo on dark skin? Do you have any examples?

Absolutely! Anyone, and everyone, is welcome to be tattooed by me. I tattoo all skin color, skin types, and body types.

While my experience with tattooing melanated skin is limited, I am committed to providing inclusive services. I approach each project with care and enthusiasm, so I am always eager to learn and adapt to ensure a positive tattoo experience for everyone.

I offer free color tests to any BIPOC one month prior to a scheduled tattoo appointment so that I can accommodate my design and color to best suit my client. Please let me know if you'd like to pair a color test with an appointment and/or if you'd like to have a discussion with me, I am always open to a conversation!

Can you tattoo over scars?

Yes! Tattooing over scarred skin is possible, however it must be kept in mind that the texture of scarred skin is different. A tattoo design would need to be planned according to what would be possible for the most effective covering of a scar.

Do you have pre-drawn designs available to be tattooed?

Yes! I book my pre-drawn designs at any time regardless if my books are open or closed. You can see the designs I have readily available to tattoo under the "Pre-Drawn" tab here on the website (this is where you can request an appt). Or for more recent updates of drawings available, you can view them in my highlighted IG story.

How often do you book?

I book quarterly, so every three months! My booking periods are as follows: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, Oct-Dec. I will always open my books on a Saturday or Sunday in the month prior to a booking period, unless otherwise stated. I will always post my "books opening" date on my Instagram bio.

Do you have a wait list for cancellations?

I do not have a wait list for appointments or cancellations, however I will occasionally post on my Instagram story last minute openings that I have available!

What do you prefer to tattoo/prefer not to tattoo?

I like to do anything related to pop culture! I am keen to doing horror villain/movie character portraits (kawaii or creepy), old school 80's/90's/00's cartoons, rubber hose style characters, kewpie doll mash ups, ANYTHING Disney (movies and parks), and character portraits from certain anime/video games. My favorites include but not limited to- Inuyasha, HunterxHunter, Demon Slayer, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Nintendo, Kingdom Hearts, & Sonic. I am officially retired from doing full sleeves of Studio Ghibli as it's a type of project that I have been asked to do many times prior and would like to venture into doing something different!

Some things I am alright with tattooing as long as it's included with character portraits are weapons/items, floral elements, and symbols.

Subject matter that is not particularly my forte includes script/lettering, realism, sacred geometry, landscapes/outer space, abstract, and watercolor. I follow many great tattoo artists who specialize in a lot of things I cannot confidently tattoo, so it would be my pleasure to point you in the right direction to someone who would be a great fit for your idea!

Questions or concerns?

Note* This is not a tattoo submission form. Formal tattoo inquiries can be sent via the "Booking" page

We will get back to you shortly!

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