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Thank you for taking an interest in one of my pre-drawn designs! You can see a gallery of designs I have ready to tattoo below. Take note that some designs are "one off" meaning it will only be tattooed once and others are "flash" meaning it can be tattooed more than once! Please fill out the submission form below and my assistant will reach out to you to schedule an appointment!


Each accepted project requires a non-refundable $200 deposit. The deposit is deducted from the final price or final session of the tattoo! It can be paid via cash at my shop or through the Paypal link my assistant will send.

Please refer to the "FAQ" page regarding deposit forfeiture and reschedule policy.


My going hourly rate is $200/hour and my tattoo minimum is $200. I charge only for tattoo time and a timer is kept to keep pricing fair for both me and my client. Size, complexity, and placement of the design are all factors that go into the final price of the tattoo!

"One Off" Designs

Flash Designs

Pre-Drawn Submission Form

What style of shading?
Where on your body would you like your tattoo?

*Please keep in mind that detailed designs must be larger in order to maintain the integrity of those details as a tattoo heals!

Upload File
What day(s) of the week work best for you?

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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